I recently searched for a Markdown to PDF solution online, and the following answer was of great help. I scrolled down to the comments and I discovered that the answerer (Yedhrab) has gained some notoriety for using emoji in answers. I decided to look into this and I discovered that Yedhrab has a comprehensive emoji glossary on his website (translated from Turkish) which he consistently tries to use in his answers on Stack Overflow.

Granted, not everyone uses the specific conventions that Yedhrab uses, but given that his usage of emoji is systematic and organised, as opposed to pure flavour emoji like in this meta post, I think users are too quick to deem them as unprofessional or distracting.

As far as answering guidelines go on (meta)SO, I don't see the harm in using emojis to illustrate or contextualise parts of one's answer. Thoughts?

EDIT: For those who voted to close using this question as a duplicate, both links in the answer are broken. Besides, it does not address the organised and structured usage of emoji. Related answers also mostly address the usage of flavour emoji and fancy fonts, which is not the point I'm trying to address in this question.

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    I really feel you need to put context into this question. Usage of emojis is fine, provided that they aren't distracting and very occasional, or even on topic (such as when trying to insert an emoji into a database, or perhaps handle them with a discord bot in python). In the answer you link to, however, they are very distracting and add nothing to the post. revision – Larnu Jan 22 at 10:49
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    Being consistent and describing it in some blog is irrelevant here. I don't want to have to read a blog somewhere to be able to understand what someone means. – Erik A Jan 22 at 10:51
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    Do we need a question for USAGE OF CAPITAL LETTERS IN AN ANSWER? Yes, some are fine BUT EXCESSIVE USAGE IS UNDESIRABLE. – VLAZ Jan 22 at 10:51
  • Side note, I don't really feel like you need an "emoji glossary" any more; Windows has had the Win+; shortcut key for sometime now (I think is was added in 1804?), and other operating systems have similar features (I have mapped the Emoji Picker on my Linux PC to the same shortcut). – Larnu Jan 22 at 10:51
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    "For those who voted to close using this question as a duplicate, both links in the answer are broken" There are no links in S.S. Anne's answer. Martin Tournoij's answer links to a question that still exists. Nicol Bolas's answer links to a deleted question, but the link isn't dead; you just can't see it as you have <10k rep. – Larnu Jan 22 at 10:57
  • @Larnu ah, I had missed the answer, thanks for clarifying – JansthcirlU Jan 22 at 10:58
  • @VLAZ though I understand now that Yedhrab's usage of emoji falls outside of the helpful realm, I do think that using caps and using illustrative emoji (when done appropriately) are two very different things. – JansthcirlU Jan 22 at 11:00
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    @JansthcirlU That is what I'm saying. Some usage is fine - I am currently using capital letters in this comment. That isn't excessive. However, using too much of anything is bound to be annoying - caps, bold, italics, etc. Emoji included. I don't know how the user you mentioned used them but given the fact the community disagreed, it is logical to say it was too much for at least some people. So, can emojis be appropriate - yes. Was the usage appropriate in that case - some of the community seems to say "no". Which one of these you want to discuss? – VLAZ Jan 22 at 11:06
  • I see what you mean, I'm with you on all accounts – JansthcirlU Jan 22 at 11:11

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