is an acronym for , as described in its tag excerpt. Please cast your vote on the suggested synonym.

is the database and is the query language. was the name of that project, as long as it was Microsoft internal. Once it got out, the name was changed. was the chosen name. For example you can still see that under the azure-data-explorer documentation there are many mentions of Kusto, which should probably get fixed. As another evidence you can see that the python client of directs asking questions under the azure-data-explorer tag.


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Thanks to Tomer Shetah's hand-holding to fill in my gaps in knowledge on the subject matter, the following changes have been made:

  • Since KQL is just the abbreviation of Kusto Query Language. For now, we've chosen to keep KQL as the "main" tag, and the long-form version as the synonym, but this can be easily reversed if ambiguity arises and/or someone makes an argument for why the long-form version should be the canonical.

  • Since "Kusto" was the development code-name of Azure Data Explorer, these are obvious synonyms. (For in particular, it was only being used on 6 questions, and all 6 already had both the and tags.) Azure Data Explorer is kept as the "main" tag, since that's the final, public name of the product.

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