We've just signed up for Stack Overflow for Teams on the Basic plan.

I'm now trying to add the relevant Microsoft Teams App - which is allowed by our 365 Admin (me).

I'm at the point where I have a new App on the side of Teams and a robot prompting me to login, however when I do I'm taken to a browser page that simply states:

Microsoft Teams integration setup canceled
This Stack Overflow Team is not currently active. Please contact your admin.

I have the same message when I try to add a tab in a Team channel as well.

enter image description here

This browser page is logged in as my account on Stack Overflow for Teams - that's my icon in the top right!

We have had a trial set up before by someone else that has since expired. It may well be this that's causing the clash - if so, how could I get around this? The old Team appears to be unrecoverable.

Or, is it something else?


Please try now. Your MS Team was still connected to your old SO Team. I've cleared the connection so you should be all set.

  • Works perfectly - thank you! Jan 18 at 15:37

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