I just failed this review audit by voting to close as general computing. Aside from the fact that I maintain I was correct (this question is quite clearly about installing general computing software, as Homebrew is not mainly a developer tool), the question had both a downvote and a close vote at the time I failed the audit (or at least immediately afterward when I clicked through):

Screenshot showing 12 upvotes, 1 downvote screenshot showing 1 close vote

Aren't questions with downvotes and/or close votes not supposed to be selected as review audits?


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As a guess as to the root cause, it looks like the review audit was generated substantially before it was shown to me:

Timeline entry showing audit created 10 hours ago, completed 33 mins ago

According to the timeline, the downvote came in within the past ~4 hours (i.e., it was cast on this UTC day). I'm unable to check when the close vote was cast.

I didn't leave the review up that long: I reviewed it almost immediately after it was displayed to me. Perhaps the system is failing to clear out existing audit tasks when a post becomes ineligible to be used as an audit?

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