According to this feature request:

So, for Meta Stack Overflow only, we'll now be featuring all hot meta questions scoring 3 or more in the bulletin. And we'll exclude those more than 3 days old, to keep it fresh. As before, the list will be chosen randomly every 20 minutes or thereabouts from the pool of eligible questions.

It seems that the later part (only post less than 3 days old) is being applied to Meta Stack Overflow, while the former (all post should be eligible) is being ignored. This change came about with the Community Bulletin being reinstated. Now, I don't see the reason why other tags shouldn't be featured at all, specially if we still have the younger than 3 days restriction (it's my not-so-scientific observation that the randomness was also lost).

The feature request is linked to note that hot questions may have tweaks per-site, but it seems that the tweaks were partly removed here.

I'm tagging this with the double purpose of having a discussion about if we still expect all post to be eligible, and also to make sure that this post isn't adversely affected by the potential bug.

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    It's a change when the feature was reactivated. I can't explain the rationale behind it. – VLAZ Jan 12 at 11:43
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    @VLAZ The post you linked says "What we really want to avoid in the Hot Meta Posts are questions that call out, or are rude towards, specific users, moderators, or staff." which specifically targets [support] questions and (to a lesser extent) [feature-request]s. – Bergi Jan 12 at 13:58
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    If a question becomes a "hot meta post" and is a "rude towards, specific users, moderators, or staff" I have concerns; why is a post that is rude towards anyone getting enough upvotes to be "hot"? Surely the voters should not be up voting rude questions, and hopefully enough respectful users will have flagged the question as such and it is closed/deleted. – Larnu Jan 12 at 14:38
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    @Larnu The community and the staff have had different views on what constitutes 'rude'. – TylerH Jan 12 at 14:42
  • Even different users can have varying opinions of what is "rude", @TylerH , but that doesn't really change my point there, if I am honest. I would expect that the community is more likely to find more things rude that SE are. I would suggest it would be "easy" to ensure that if a post has a "rude or abusive" flag on it, it would not be displayed as "hot" until a mod clears it (which would permit the post being "hot" there onwards). – Larnu Jan 12 at 14:47
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    We should be more generous with the discussion tag, especially for upvoted content. – Trilarion Jan 12 at 15:51
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    I see two potential solutions: either we get the same treatment as other sites where hot has a limit of two weeks, or any tag becomes eligible. – Braiam Jan 12 at 16:06
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    I would think that a [discussion] is more likely to be "rude" than either [support] or [feature-request]. So, this prohibition is quite odd to me, even putting aside the fact that opinions differ on what might be "rude". – Cody Gray Jan 13 at 0:52
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