When editing questions or answers with Microsoft Edge, I see every line break doubled:

Edit with Google Chrome (Version 87.0.4280.66):

Edit with Chrome

Edit with Microsoft Edge (Microsoft Edge 44.17763.831.0):

Edit with MS Edge

Note that I can't even enable reader mode: Reader mode grayed out

I guess it has to do with how browsers handle CR-LF, but isn't there a valid way for every browser? If so, would it be possible to implement it?

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    Edge is Chrome now, right? So I can't see why the behavior would be different. Line breaks are platform-specific, not browser-specific, anyway. – Cody Gray Jan 8 at 8:36
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    @CodyGray I think this question is about the old edge, not the chromium edge. – double-beep Jan 8 at 10:32
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    The blunt edge, not the sharp edge? – Cody Gray Jan 8 at 10:35
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    @CodyGray not the sharpest Edge in the shed. – VLAZ Jan 8 at 11:28
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    I edited my question to include the versions, and I'm talking about "Google Chrome" vs "Microsoft Edge", both screenshots were made on the same computer – Rafalon Jan 8 at 13:20
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    Edge 44 is a very old version. Support for Edge Legacy ends March 9, 2021 (just a couple months away); might be time to move to the newer version. – Heretic Monkey Jan 8 at 16:22
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    According to this table on the Edge Wikipedia page (you'll need to unhide it to see), OP's version is still "old" Edge, that is, pre-chromium adoption. It's not the most current "old" Edge, but appears to still be considered maintained (at least for now). – zcoop98 Jan 8 at 16:24
  • The OP could be talking about versions released for Android and iOS, which would still be a version behind the latest stable, or the current stable version on Xbox One. Although I'm not sure Stack Overflow supports entering posts from game consoles :). – Heretic Monkey Jan 8 at 16:27
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    No, I'm talking about Windows 10 (but it's company's computer so not something I'm able to update myself) – Rafalon Jan 8 at 16:49
  • Is it affected by the configuration? E.g., does "reading view" in Edge affect text input fields? See e.g. "How to Change Text Spacing in Microsoft Edge Reading View in Windows 10" and "Change Reading View Text Spacing in Microsoft Edge" (I couldn't find anything on Super User (way too many false positives for Microsoft Word due to the word "Edge")). – Peter Mortensen Jan 8 at 17:37
  • @PeterMortensen I'll try on monday, but it is not just text spacing, there is an actual line break. I'll tell you asap – Rafalon Jan 8 at 20:34
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    @PeterMortensen OK so I followed your links, but "Reader mode" isn't even available (the open book is grayed out) – Rafalon Jan 11 at 7:31
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    Reported on the global meta. Yes, SE still considers the legacy version of Edge to be supported. (By the way, this seems to be fixed in the new editor, which is rolled out on Teams and is planned to be rolled out on public Q&A.) – gparyani Jan 11 at 18:48

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