I read through the questions tagged . The acronym may potentially be ambiguous.

Of 176 questions, I retagged

The remaining questions tagged (162 questions) is tagged for the same meaning as tag (452 questions) both related to Instruction Set Architecture. I propose that tag should be synonymized with so that the questions about the same thing is under the same tag.

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The tag has now been renamed to to reduce ambiguity.

Before commencing the rename, I also fixed a couple of question that you had missed. These were mainly questions about Perl's isa function (of which there were only perhaps 3 in total, and I don't think that needs a dedicated tag at this point), and Microsoft's old "Internet Security and Acceleration Server", formerly known as "ISA Server", now known as Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (I don't think there is a replacement tag, but most questions about this were very old and of dubious topicality).

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