A Pod in the context of Kubernetes is a group of containers and the unit of deployment and scheduling. Almost everything around Kubernetes (at least from a Developers perspective) are in some way related to Pods, but it is certainly not a topic in itself.

I propose that should be a synonym to

With a search we can see that 15.908 of the 34.140 questions with tag contains the word Pod.

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    You could be developing an operator or an out-of-cluster administration tool that used the Kubernetes API, be on-topic for SO, and not be directly dealing with pods. I'm not sure the pod label adds a lot of value, but "pods" and "Kubernetes" aren't 100% the same. – David Maze Jan 2 at 11:21
  • I agree that “pods” and “kubernetes” aren’t 100% the same thing, but I mean that kubernetes-pods are not its own topic e.g. in the sense that noone is an expert on kubernetes-pods without being an expert on the part of kubernetes that is on-topic on SO. Every question that needs kubernetes-pod expertise on SO, needs developer-related kubernetes expertise. And almost all developer related questions on SO are in some way related to pods, but at least pods is not its own topic in my view. – Jonas Jan 2 at 15:19
  • I prefer just removing the tag, rather than synonyms. Synonyms are supposed to mean that both tags are the same thing (think bike and bicycle). – Braiam Jan 3 at 21:38

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