I have proposed a tag synonym for -> , but I now think these both should be synonyms of , which is a more generic term (see Kubernetes Persistent Volumes). There is no point in having a specific tag for PersistentVolumeClaims.

I cannot add that suggestion as long as the first proposal is Pending Approval. What are the steps to getting these new synonyms put into place?

  • The user-level tag synonym system is fundamentally broken and useless, so let's not focus on that. Let's instead focus on just fixing the problem. As a moderator, I can do this directly. Currently, I see several questions that are tagged [persistent-volume-claims], but not obviously about Kubernetes. Are these questions correctly tagged? Are they actually about Kubernetes? Or do they argue that [persistent-volumes] cannot be limited to Kubernetes? – Cody Gray Jan 2 at 5:07
  • @CodyGray thanks. Yes, all questions left in your search is related to either [openshift] or [minikube] which are both kubernetes distributions. – Jonas Jan 2 at 8:47

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