The and tags refer to the exact same thing. This was brought up (but did not generate much discussion) four years ago. The status quo has not changed in the intervening time.

This exact same merger was suggested to positive community reaction a year ago in a rejected request to burninate the tag.

I would suggest to keep separate, and make as a synonym of . Don't burninate anything.

These two tags should therefore be made synonyms.

Per the Spring AMQP documentation, the official name of the RabbitMQ implementation is "spring-rabbit", so it seems should be the primary tag, with being the synonym.

The project consists of two parts; spring-amqp is the base abstraction, and spring-rabbit is the RabbitMQ implementation.

A comment on the discussion also brought up the tag. While I strongly suspect this can be merged since Spring AMQP seems to just have the RabbitMQ implementation, this likely warrants some discussion before proceeding with that tag merge.

I do not have a score of 5 in the tag, so I cannot suggest the synonym. I am therefore requesting someone with sufficient privileges to make a synonym for (with being the primary tag).


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