I have an old account that is blocked because the google account associated with it is deleted. How can you merge the reputation from those accounts into my new account, and declare the questions asked on my old account owned by my new account? Thanks for any help.

Link to my profile of my old account: https://stackoverflow.com/users/13600624/ender-ramsby

Link to the question I want to recover: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/62111276/…

P.S. This is not a duplicate of Recovering linked account.

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    And select the How to merge duplicate accounts dropdown – ppwater Dec 27 '20 at 5:30
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    Goto contact and select merge duplicate. That's the whole answer. – itachi Dec 27 '20 at 5:36
  • Wait, the article that this is a duplicate of is a duplicate of another question. Could somebody change the duplicate link to the second link? Thanks. – Ender Dec 28 '20 at 2:15

You can contact stackoverflow team at https://stackoverflow.com/contact and select the "I need to merge user profiles" dropdown.

Or if your email is deleted, you could do this: click on other, then describe your problem.

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    You should fix your grammar by merging the two sentences like this: You can contact stackoverflow team at stackoverflow.com/contact and select the "how to merge duplicate accounts" dropdown. (I can't edit your post) – Ender Dec 27 '20 at 5:41
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    By the way, the dropdown is actually called "I need to merge user profiles." After you select that, then you get what you said. – Ender Dec 27 '20 at 5:43
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    Wait, when I did that, I have gotten this message: Thanks for submitting your merge request! You should receive two emails, one for each profile. Please click the confirmation link in each email to complete the merge. If you don't receive the emails, please get in touch with us by selecting 'Other' on the contact form But I can't access my other email account! – Ender Dec 27 '20 at 5:50
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    @Ender Oh, then click on other. – ppwater Dec 27 '20 at 5:50

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