Occasionally, some <2k users may suggest valid edits to questions fixing typos/grammar/formatting before they are closed. However, sometimes, a question is closed when the edit is still pending. Is it fair to reject those edits as they would bump the post to reopen queue with no reason (although this wouldn't be the editor's intention)?

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    Rejecting is fairly standard at least. Not sure if that's the official stance though
    – Zoe Mod
    Dec 25, 2020 at 13:35
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    This is sometimes referred as polishing turds, and is rarely seen as a worthwhile occupation.
    – yivi
    Dec 25, 2020 at 13:52
  • I think it should be rejected with a custom message, so the suggesters understand what went wrong, and why they shouldn't edit closable posts in the first place (unless it makes a substantial change that allows for reopening, but that's rare).
    – 10 Rep
    Dec 25, 2020 at 20:19
  • @zoe standard for some, but it doesn't help if one person rejects and two others approve. Seen this often enough, because I also reject edits on closed questions with a custom message and when I check later, I often see the edit approved anyway.
    – jps
    Dec 26, 2020 at 10:32

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Is it fair to reject those edits as they would bump the post to reopen queue with no reason?

YES. If they don't actually make the question re-openable.

I too sometimes encounter edits such as capitalizing is on a closed question. While this edit is questionable in regular circumstances, it surely doesn't make a question re-openable.

The problem with editing closed questions is the following: after editing, the question will enter the reopen queue. It gets only one chance at that! So assuming you approve such non-substantial edit, it will probably be voted to be left closed. Then, a substantial edit comes along and it won't push the question to the queue again, giving the question less chances to get reopened...

In most cases, only the OP can salvage a closed question by editing. In any case you have to carefully review edits to a closed question. If you feel bad simply rejecting, you can reject with causes harm (which is just a confusing way to say custom message) and explain to the editor the reason above.

The fact that the edit was proposed before the question was closed is unfortunate, but irrelevant. The edit should be reviewed according to the current state at the time of the review.

* The review of an edit to a closed question becomes a bit harder when the title was edited as well due to a bug in the review queue.

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    I think it should be rejected with a custom message to the reviewer, explaining why it was rejected. This way they understand next time to not make edits to posts that will likely get closed .
    – 10 Rep
    Dec 25, 2020 at 20:18
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    I really hope that someday only edits by the OP will push a question into the reopen queue, that would take a lot of pressure from the reopen queue and give the OP a real chance to get it reopened.
    – jps
    Dec 26, 2020 at 10:29
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    @bad_coder I brought the capitalization of is just as an example. Whether it's a good edit or not is not the main point here. The point is that if the question is closed, this kind of edit doesn't advance the question towards reopening in any way, and therefore should be rejected to not "waste" the question's single pass to the reopen queue...
    – Tomerikoo
    Dec 26, 2020 at 18:01
  • @bad_coder thus you propose to block the entire editing process because of a single detail. (Meaning no one can edit, because we're waiting for the OP to make an edit that likely will never happen.) - if it will never happen and the OP doesn't care for the post, why should we... Also this one single detail you mention is basically the whole point of the edit (to make the question reopenable), so if it doesn't achieve that goal - what's the point?
    – Tomerikoo
    Dec 27, 2020 at 8:13

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