I'm trying to get the "Unsung Hero" badge, and to do so I have to have a significant percentage of answers be 0-score accepted answers. So therefore I am deleting all of my useless answers to try to increase their percentage.

While some answers are obviously useless (0-score, no comments) some are more complicated. For example, take a look at these two questions:

Question 1

Question 2

In both questions, I have an admittedly quite useless answer that has a long and relatively helpful comment discussion underneath it.

So here's my question: Should I delete useless 0-score questions even if they have a useful comment discussion, and should I even be trying to delete my useless answers?

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    Taking explicit actions only to get yourself a badge sooner is wrong. – rene Dec 22 '20 at 19:45
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    deleting content for a badge? seems kinda... counter to what the whole system is about. Get this badge by answering a lot of questions in a short period of time. – Kevin B Dec 22 '20 at 19:46
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    I started deleting my useless answers even before I knew the badge existed. Besides, I thought deleting answers that don't help would be useful. – M-Chen-3 Dec 22 '20 at 19:46
  • I'll delete an answer if there's another answer that covers the same material better (and almost always upvote the other answer) otherwise it stays or is proven incorrect. – user4581301 Dec 23 '20 at 0:04
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    @M-Chen-3 Sounds reasonable, but every non-positive scored post you delete will nudge you closer to an answer ban, even if the answers aren't negatively scored! – Ann Zen Dec 23 '20 at 2:19
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    No! Answer the questions of rep1 users. They can not upvote yet, but they can accept. Chances are high that you will get the unsung hero soon. Your questions are irrelevant. | The usefulness of the comment-chat below is no-issue, the worth of the post content is important. Do not delete your own posts in order to get a badge, anyways it likely won't help. Maybe the deletion of your upvoted or not accepted answers would help, but doing that is bad. Even if you do that, save their link because later you won't have any ways to get their link again! But, so you will be able to undelete later. – peterh - Reinstate Monica Dec 23 '20 at 10:04

The comment discussions are not the most important part; your answers aren't useless and are valued by the site. So no, and especially not just to earn the badge, as it's created for unsung heroes.

It may even come naturally; I never realized that I was "unsung" until I received the badge!

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