I failed this audit from Late Answers: https://stackoverflow.com/review/late-answers/27598058

It's not that I didn't pay attention, I did. The thing is, there is a link in the answer, yes, but there is also an important part of it that qualifies it as an answer:

I set DEBUG to FALSE, no issue for 10+ hours.

I discussed this in chat, and users seem to agree. The real reason why the answer was deleted in the first place (and randomly picked up to be an audit later) was the fact that it was the OP who answered their own question, and edited the answer into the question.

A comment on that answer said: Why did you post that as an answer if you added this to the question? Is this the solution? What is the link for?

So basically, it qualifies as an answer if the OP hadn't edited the answer into the question, which, how would reviewers know that that was the case?

The edit of a question shouldn't be a factor when reviewing answers, and especially not when reviewing audits. So even though the answer was low quality, recommending to delete it shouldn't have been the right choice, right?

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    it still led to an arguably better answer. – Zoe Nov 21 at 14:59
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    Even if doesn't qualify as "not an answer", I don't believe choosing "No Action Needed" was particularly helpful. – yivi Nov 21 at 15:02
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    @Zoe defending reposting a deleted answer with something nearly identical? – Cody Gray Nov 21 at 15:04
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    The new one contains an explanation and more than just one line of text. The only thing that makes it "nearly the same" is that the solution is still identical – Zoe Nov 21 at 15:05
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    Editing would help at least a bit. Why couldn't you edit? You could vote or comment, or vote on existing comments. If you wanted to to neither of those things, you could always "skip". Saying "no action needed" doesn't seem particularly helpful, IMO. – yivi Nov 21 at 15:06
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    You are probably familiar with this, but it always good to reread now and then if you frequent those queues. – yivi Nov 21 at 15:07
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    I disagree. Actions were needed on that post. Editing at the very least. Voting or commenting. If you do not want to partake on those things, maybe that's not the queue for you. (It's not the queue for me either). It's supposed to be more than a NAA detection queue. – yivi Nov 21 at 15:11
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    I don't think I'm getting you wrong. You say that you think no action was needed for this post, that all was fine as it was and it should have been pushed out of the queue. I disagree. If you encounter a post like that in the "late answer" queue, some action is needed. If you do not want to take that action, just skip and let someone else do it. – yivi Nov 21 at 15:13
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    “how would reviewers know that that was the case” - By opening the question in another tab. You are encouraged to do this. Choosing “No Action Needed” wasn’t the correct action. By opening the question in another tab you would have realized something was up. This would have either made you realize it was an audit or even if it wasn’t an audit you would have likely selected the correct option. – Security Hound Nov 21 at 16:35
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    @SecurityHound Thanks, but are you saying, everytime, or at least most of the time, when you review an answer, you open another tab? – Ann Zen Nov 21 at 16:50
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    That's a distraction. Knowing this review was an audit was not necessary to pass it. Understanding that you chose the wrong option will help you in future reviews. – yivi Nov 21 at 16:56
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    The LA guidance does specifically say in the "subtle stuff" section: "if you see an answer: Is wrong, generally a lousy hack, barely addresses the question, or otherwise well below par" then you should downvote and/or comment. (The guidance also generally recommends opening the post in another tab) – Nick Nov 21 at 16:57
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    @AnnZen - Everytime? No; Most of the time; But I am probably more cautious then most. If I don’t know I typically just skip. – Security Hound Nov 21 at 17:01
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    @SecurityHound in my experience it is rather most of the time when another tab isn't needed. :) For example, I don't need it when I flag or edit or comment or vote down (and of course when I skip). It is only when one is going to vote up or pick No Action Needed, there are basic sanity checks to do outside of queue: make sure that it doesn't plagiarise some other answer to the same question, that it is not a part of series of identical answers frequently posted by new users instead of closing as duplicates, and, if there is a link - also check that there isn't some excessive self-promotion – gnat Nov 21 at 17:53
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    @gnat - Was giving the author options rather than failing audits. It’s something I suggest to anyone asking about failed audits and/or review suspensions – Security Hound Nov 21 at 18:09

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