I would suspect it was introduced recently because I go there from times to times and this just caught my attention today.

On the table from the main element of the "New Answers to Old Questions" page, there is an hardcoded width of 500px set on the rows td and this makes the table overflow my screen.

Here is for an image that would be better than a long description:

row with too big, causing a screen overflow

PS: I am on a resolution of 1440x900 and I don't have any zoom applied on my browser for the matter at hand.

This has even got worse since I originally posted it, now, I don't even have the post info in the viewport anymore:

post info outside of viewport

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    How wide is your viewport? I think the site in general has a minimum usable width of some 800px. – TylerH Nov 11 at 20:09
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    whatismyviewport.com says 1440px. And maybe more importantly, I checked, for the sake of it, I am not zoomed in – β.εηοιτ.βε Nov 11 at 20:11
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    OK, just checking to make sure you weren't for some reason on some 800x600 screen or something ancient – TylerH Nov 11 at 20:16

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