In iOS 14 Apple introduced Widgets which can be implemented with SwiftUI and WidgetKit.

For the last couple of months I was answering questions tagged . However, I've recently realised there is a tag as well.

Description and usage:

  • - 154 questions (as of now)

    Use for WidgetKit introduced in iOS 14 and macOS Catalyst 14

  • - 7 questions (as of now)

    Refers to widgets that can be added to the iOS home screen

There is also a generic tag which itself has no particular use but if used with / seems to be OK.

It looks like can be represented by + but is irreplaceable as it's dedicated to a specific framework.

Whenever I see an incorrectly tagged question about SwiftUI Widgets I always add . It looks like is not necessary.

My question is: should be merged into ?



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