I thought that flagging was the way to go when I want to close an off-topic question that has a bounty since it can't be closed.

How can we close questions with bounties?

So why was my flag declined here with a message of Please familiarize yourself with the list of standard flags? It's blatantly off-topic, not reproducible, too broad, etc.

Google Distance Matrix API does not allow additional requests even though billing is enabled

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You never told us there was a bounty on the post. This was your flag:

Not reproducible, no code, about an external service, too broad, unclear. Not for SO.

Moderators have a flag dashboard that shows a lot of info but not that a post has a bounty. As such, your flag looked like any of the ~20-40 flags we get every day telling us a post isn’t suitable, and we declined it for that reason.

I’ve now removed the bounty and closed the post. Please, in future include all pertinent details. Don’t just tell us that the post is bad, also tell us why you need our intervention and what you need us to do. See this answer of mine for an example.

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