My review ban was supposed to be up a month or two ago but now says I'm banned until next September.

The review suspension message is as follows:

Due to your poor review history as well as no signs of improvement after many review suspensions, you won't be able to use any of the review queues on the site any longer.

Next September will I be able to review posts or will it be updated to September of the following year after that?


Yes, you have a permanent review suspension.

Unfortunately moderators can only issue a maximum of 365 day suspensions, so it's going to be manually extended occasionally.

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    Your answer completely ignores the reason why moderators only can answer a maximum of 365 days of suspenstion. Maybe there is a good reason that should not be ignored this way. – Ctx Jan 31 at 1:18
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    It seems really harsh to ban someone from the review queues forever, tbh. – 10 Rep Jan 31 at 2:16

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