Recently the [sap] tag was marked as invalid with which I do not fully agree. There are a bunch of questions already tagged which are probably not worth retagging, but the future of the tag should be discussed.

The argument used by the last editor of the tag information is:

This tag is invalid since "SAP" is neither a programming language nor a single product but a software company

which, indeed, is true, however, does not fully reflect the reality. More than 80% of the newcomers that use this tag have SAP R/3 and its successors (ECC, S/4HANA) on mind, and this is quite logical, because this is the most used and famous product of the company.

However, another significant meaning of this tag is an software ecosystem, i.e. the set of business appliances, technologies and tools related to the company software and its users. In the same meaning we use Python, or MySQL and these words mean not only Python Software Foundation or MySQL AB, but more a Python ecosystem and MySQL ecosystem.

Why should Oracle, the main SAP competitor, have its own tag on Stack Overflow, and SAP shouldn't?

The proposal is to leave [sap] tag as an alias to [sap-r3] and as an umbrella tag for all the [sap-r3] related technologies. For all the rest SAP products to use dedicated tags: [sap-cloud-platform], [sap-successfactors], [sap-web-ide], etc.

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  • The Oracle tag is supposed to only refer to a single product. See also meta.stackoverflow.com/q/377079/6083675 – Laurel Oct 16 at 16:01
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    The presence of other tags that may violate a rule is not a good argument for allowing a tag that violates that rule to remain. – Heretic Monkey Oct 16 at 16:03
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    That's quite the tree of [sap] tags.. Can't leaves those alone; I'm sycamore and more of them being created constantly.. (Sorry) – Caius Jard Oct 16 at 16:05
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    [sap] and [abap] are healthy, use product tags and you're guaranteed to not get an answer. So that's pretty bad advice. – Hans Passant Oct 16 at 16:15
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    "Why Oracle, the main SAP competitor, has own tag on SO, and SAP shouldn't?" And from that tag;s description "Oracle Database is a Multi-Model Database Management System created by Oracle Corporation. Do NOT use this tag for other products owned by Oracle, such as Java and MySQL." Clearly Oracle (the company) does not have it's own tag. Much like microsoft does not. – Larnu Oct 16 at 16:34
  • The situation with [sap] tag is exactly the same as with [oracle]: I don't think people will use [oracledb] or [oracle-server] or even [oracle-rdbms] because most oracle folks think that [oracle] means the database and the solution supposedly should be the same as for oracle, and that's what I proposed in the question – Suncatcher Oct 17 at 14:51
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    use product tags and you're guaranteed to not get an answer agree. The majority of newcomers just put sap instead of crystal-reports and sap-gateway, and even if they are, there is little use of it. E.g.I have many fragmented knowledge in different SAP products but I won't subscribe to each and every one product tag just to receive one question in a year, it's not worth the effort. However, subscription to [sap] tag is a high probability I receive a relevant question – Suncatcher Oct 17 at 19:00

I am an SAP employee and to me this tag is ambiguous, but I do understand where you are coming from. SAP R/3 / ECC / S/4HANA are colloquially referred to as SAP. However, that is not the correct name of the product, technology stack, programming language or software component. It is the name of the company that offers a variety of products.

If you want to have a tag encompassing our 3 main products you could call it (which already exists by the way) but what would be the purpose of such tag? Instead please tag with the correct product you are using and the programming language (e.g. ABAP). It would be better to use tags , (non-existent) or .

For what it's worth you might actually get a better response when you ask at https://answers.sap.com

These tags are not highly moderated. It's unlikely that we will do any clean up any time soon. For the time being the will stay but you should consider using the correct tag instead. This is more important when asking about SAPUI5 or some other product of our company. Don't use the company tag!

is not to be used when asking about any Oracle product. It's the name of their database and it should be used only when asking about Oracle DB.

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There already seems to be a fairly widespread consensus that most company-specific tags like this should go. See, for example, this Q&A on blacklisting the Apple and Microsoft tags. (One admitted counterexample is the cisco tag).

I fully agree with this tag being ambiguous. It's being used to refer to all kinds of different products, which greatly diminishes its usefulness.

One thing that does give me at least some pause is the fact that some high-rep users are posting lots of answers in this tag. (One 12k user has posted 377 answers in this tag). It would be worth investigating whether it's helping them find questions to answer. If not, the tag should really be burninated.

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  • Said user haven't answered a question on sap since '18. – Braiam Oct 16 at 18:42
  • @Braiam Eh, get rid of it then (unless someone else is answering questions in the tag). – EJoshuaS - Reinstate Monica Oct 16 at 19:13

I just found an equivalent question Burninate this tag a[sap] which concerns the tag, asked 3 years ago. There's an attempt to generalize it to make it valid for all "company tags", but it still remains specific to the SAP tag.

I prefer not tagging this current question as duplicate because I think it's worth discussing it again today.

The most-voted-from-far answer from Shog9 says:

"If everyone (within some small margin of error) refers to SAP ERP as "SAP", then the tag is both descriptive and unambiguous."
"Completely removing the tag from the system when nearly everyone using it agrees on what it means... Is counter-productive"

So, 3 years ago, some people considered that the tag was not ambiguous, and this year, few people forced their views to make the tag ambiguous.

Today, maybe the majority of SAP professionals at Stack Overflow think that the tag is ambiguous.

Personally, as a SAP professional for 20 years, I saw the SAP products evolve dramatically. While the ERP solution still remains the flagship product, many other ones are well known, like the CRM solution, SAP GUI Scripting, RFC SDK, SAPUI5, Fiori, SAP Gateway, Cloud, etc.

My today opinion is that the tag is ambiguous and should be made obsolete. I can't automatically think that a question tagged sap is about the ERP solution anymore.

It's not a problem to me of having a long favorite URL to display all questions related to my SAP knowledge: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/abap+or+opensql+or+rtts+or+alv+or+badi+or+function-module+or+bapi+or+cds+or+sap-basis+or+saprfc+or+sap-dotnet-connector+or+jco+or+sapjco3+or+pyrfc+or+sap-dotnet-connector+or+sap-data-dictionary+or+idoc+or+sap-bw+or+sap-bsp+or+webdynpro+or+sap-gateway+or+dynpro+or+s4hana+or+sap-erp+or+sap-r3+or+sap-hr+or+sap-crm+or+sap-bw+or+sap-gui+or+hana+or+hana-sql-script+or+netweaver+or+sapscript+or+sap?tab=Newest.

  • I'd like to get rid of the sap tag. I currently re-tag all new questions with a more specific tag (for instance, I re-tagged the latest question about SAP archiving)
  • NB: by the way, that's not the question but I'm skeptical concerning the need of keeping the tag (a solution stack), the need of having multiple version-specific tags for the ERP product (, , ), as most of the questions are valid for all versions, and the tag is used incorrectly by 95% of people instead of for SAP GUI Scripting (there are only 10 questions tagged , so I'd opt to remove the tag, people could use instead).

But I see a problem for people searching answers by entering the tag, which doesn't prevent the sap tag to be made ambiguous, but users may suffer of lack of assistance in searching. For instance:

  • The general search field doesn't propose the possible tags, and it doesn't indicate that the entered tag is ambiguous while typing:
    Stack Overflow search field
  • It's indicated only after pressing Enter but I'm afraid it's not visible enough to catch people attention, and the substitutes are not proposed:
    Stack Overflow alternatives to ambiguous tag?
  • And while asking the question, it's visible that [sap] should not be used, but latest questions prove that people still use it, and the substitutes are not proposed:
    Stack Overflow tag assistant for ambiguous tags?

So, I would keep ambiguous but would complete the tag description with "(for instance , , , , , etc.)"


PS: to help discuss the SAP tags, I indicate below all of them and the corresponding number of questions as of today. By the way, I didn't find such a hierarchy of tags at Stack Overflow, that would help to know what the possible tags are....

(6161): all SAP software

  • (56): environment to run ABAP programs, manage resources, transport/deploy programs, manage users and roles, archive data, and many others.
    • (2588) SAP proprietary programming language developed in 1983 to simplify the programming compared to COBOL, its main advantages were the portability with Byte Code and the SQL fully embedded supporting several databases with a common SQL named "Open SQL". Also runs on a system dedicated to ABAP.
      • (134): SQL part of the ABAP language which is the "greatest common divisor" of the SQL of all supported database systems
      • (11): ABAP Library for introspection
      • (101): ABAP Library for dynpro rendering of tables (also a variant for webdynpro)
      • (29): User exits in ABAP programs which can be enhanced to change the behavior of the standard application
      • (60) : type of ABAP program which works like a function with a global scope. They can be invoked remotely by RFC.
      • (154): "Business" API, provided as Function Modules, can be invoked from ABAP or remotely through RFC.
      • (56): UI technology rendered via SAP GUI and Web browsers (conversion into HTML/javascript/CSS)
      • (170) Remote Function Call (RFC) is a SAP proprietary communication protocol based on CPI-C, initially used by ABAP programs to communicate between SAP systems, but RFC SDK libraries are available for many languages (C, .NET, VBA, java, python, etc.)
      • SDK for other languages (use general tag [saprfc])
    • (93): Core Data Services available in ABAP and HANA flavors, they are almost identical.
    • Technologies powered by internal programs written in ABAP
      • (30): proxy representation of the database data model which is used by ABAP programs
      • (66): framework for transferring data, through RFC, files, HTTP and so on
      • (43): product for data warehouse/Business Intelligence ; the latest standalone version is BW/4HANA
      • (10): Web UI technology
      • (85): (in ABAP flavor/also a java flavor as in SAP PI)
      • (10): Scripting language to generate dynamically text or printout, so much confused with SAP GUI Scripting whose tag is [sap-gui] that I had to re-tag today 31 questions! (initially 41 questions tagged sapscript).
      • (39): OData
    • The following products are based on ABAP programs:
      • ERP suite of SAP with these versions from recent to old:
      • Add-ins of ERP suite
        • (6): module of ERP suite for Human Resources
        • Industry-Specific solutions like Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, Bank, Healthcare, Higher Education and Research, Hospital, Media, Oil, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Utilities, etc.
      • CRM (16): Customer Relationship Management. The latest version is C/4HANA.
      • SRM (no tag): Supplier Relationship Management
      • SCM/APO (no tag): Supply Chain Management
      • BI/BW (43): data warehouse/Business Intelligence. The latest standalone version is BW/4HANA.
      • Solution Manager (no tag)
      • Etc.
  • (168): Client application to connect to ABAP-based systems to display Dynpro screens - Windows and Java versions - SAP GUI Scripting library.
  • (29): SAP database system
    • (108)
    • (8): Compatibility layer for SAP HANA extended application services
  • Products based on ABAP and others
    • (74) / (68): SAP solution for Enterprise Application Integration ; PO, PI and XI are the acronyms of Process Orchestration, Process Integration, Exchange Infrastructure ; 48 questions are tagged both sap-pi and sap-xi
  • Technology suit (marketing name)
  • Web UI solutions (frontend) to render data from ABAP-based solutions (backend)
    • (6319): Web UI based on Javascript/CSS/HTML5 - Code is mostly open-source ("OpenUI5")
      • (30): tooling support for building and consumption of OpenUI5 / SAPUI5 framework and applications.
    • (584): main SAP User Experience design with specific controls, Fiori LaunchPad, based on SAPUI5
    • (157)
  • (267)
  • Other tags

EDIT Nov 24th, 2020, other tags:

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  • It's not a problem to me of having a long favorite URL to display all questions related to my SAP knowledge: unlikely I will be always use this lengthy link, so I will be missing probably interesting questions. However, subscription to [sap] tag and receiving mail notifications makes it all, its all-in-one solution – Suncatcher Oct 17 at 14:55
  • 1
    That would be cool to invent the, let say, "hyper tags": have [sap] as a hyper tag which can be used only to search, not to tag a question. The [sap] tag could be assigned hyponym tags, and these tags could themselves be assigned other hyponym tags, to form the hierarchy of tags I proposed for instance. – Sandra Rossi Oct 17 at 15:48
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    Just a tip: you can use "tag formatting" to make tags look like the tags that show up in the Tags box by typing [tag:sap] (e.g.). SO's markdown interpreter makes it look a little nicer (see Dharman's answer for example). Not a big deal, just thought I'd let you know if you didn't. – Heretic Monkey Oct 17 at 16:36
  • About 30% out of your SAP tags tree was created by me during my work on categorization of questions :) And even after that I consider general [sap] tag should exist – Suncatcher Oct 17 at 19:04

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