I noticed an answer, where the user answered the question and left a link to a consultation site where you book by the hour. I personally thought about editing the answer and just removing the line promoting the service, but was not sure if that would be accepted. Additionally, I doubted a spam flag would be accepted since the answer was not just promoting a product or service. It obviously adds nothing to the answer, including for future readers, and it is not just some open source software that solves the OP's problem.

John Doe CTO at www.example.com (click for free consultation)

Answer with consultation link

My question is what should I do for answers that are not necessarily spam, but offering a paid service on an entirely separate website for additional help? I personally think the user posting about consultation services should keep that within their profile, not on an answer.


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Some people have already pointed this out, but if the post has valid information other than the link, you can simply edit it out and comment explaining the self-promotion policy. On the other hand, if the answer is entirely spam, flag it as spam.

If they persist in doing this even after being offered an explanation, you should mod-flag. Typically they'll start with a somewhat firmer warning, and if they still don't listen to that will likely give them a timed suspension for promotional content.

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