The title pretty much says it all. Hovering over the button that's used to award a bounty shows the default cursor instead of the hand cursor. All other buttons to the side of the answer use the hand cursor as shown in the following screenshot:

Bounty button cursor

Just to clarify, the button is clickable and it opens the confirm-dialog normally. The issue is just with the cursor. Also, after the bounty is awarded and the button is no longer clickable, the cursor changes to a "text cursor" (which is fine and expected):

Awarded bounty

| |
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    It's not a link nor clickable? – Scratte Oct 10 at 0:45
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    @Scratte It is clickable (opens a confirm dialog before awarding the bounty). The lack of the hand cursor is confusing though (it makes you think that it's not clickable). – 41686d6564 Oct 10 at 0:49
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    Oh! Sorry about that. I only went to test on a post that I have no connection to and found it's not clickable as a "foreigner" on the post. – Scratte Oct 10 at 0:52
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    How did you make the screenshot though? Just interested :p – 10 Rep Oct 10 at 2:48
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    @10Rep If you're on Windows, there are several utilities that provide the option to include the mouse cursor in a screenshot. Then, I simply duplicated the cursor and moved it around. – 41686d6564 Oct 10 at 3:04

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