When I search like this score:-100 there are many results(up to 1010502 pages (may be different))


But when I click the go to 1010502 page button it says like this

We couldn't find anything for your search Search options: score>= -100 Try different or less specific keywords.


Why this happens?

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By experiment (confirmed by Yatin in their comment) it looks like the cut off is at 1,000,000 pages.

Page 1,000,000 gives 50 results.

Page 1,000,001 gives 0 results. That are not deleted posts.

8 year old posts, page 1,000,000 gives 50 results

8 year old posts, page 1,000,001 gives 0 results

As those high number pages takes for ever to load there might be both a performance and sanity trade-off. I don't think it was expected users would be interested in the tail end of a search with > 1,000,000 pages, let alone skip through from the start till the end. Expect this to be .

If you're using search to gather statistics or research extreme cases / outliers, consider using the Stack Exchange Data Explorer instead which comes with an awesome tutorial written by the magnificent Monica Cellio

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