In the past 3-4 months nearly all of the questions with the tag are getting at least one downvote.

The problem is not only poorly formatted questions and noobish mistakes are getting these, but basically every question without any logic or so.

Can we somehow investigate this? Do other tags experience something like this for this long?

It's kind of frustrating for newcomers that they asks a question and even if it is 80% OK bamm ---> downvote without explanation


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    No it does not answer my question and i would really appreciate it if it would not be closed in 3 minutes. I wrote here to discuss this kinda annoying thing because high quality questions are getting downvoted too all the time for like 3-4 months. This is not about what justifies you to downvote, its more like someone is messing with the tag – Menyus Sep 29 at 9:31
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    Yes it looks like the tag is pretty negative, it's amazing how much a couple of persistent voters can affect the not-so-popular tags. But I don't think that there is anything to be done about it, other than upvoting the questions that don't deserve to be downvoted, or figuring out which users are responsible and explain the problem to them. You would expect the people that find everything they read negative would quit engaging with tags that have questions they dislike. Moderators in general do not revoke downvotes, unless they are targeted to specific users or if the account is destroyed. – user000001 Sep 29 at 9:34
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    @yivi: are you sure this is a duplicate? The other question doesn't mention unity, or the appearance of the phenomenon on specific tags. – user000001 Sep 29 at 9:38
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    Well i would be more than happy if a moderator could investiagte if its 1 or 2 groups of users or just a user that constantly does this. – Menyus Sep 29 at 9:39
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    Moderators can't see votes. They have tools to look whether users are targetting each other with voting but this isn't one user targetting another user so I suspect moderators will neither want to, nor be able to intervene (except to raise this with the CM team). – Robert Longson Sep 29 at 9:42
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    If you want a "moderator to investigate", flag for moderator attention. But with the evidence presented, slim chances that there is anything worth investigating. If you want the community to have a say, maybe you should present more evidence in this question. For example, if this is as you describe, it should be fairly easy to go back few days and find 10 or 15 questions "unfairly downvoted". A cursory look at the latest questions in the tag does not look problematic to me. – yivi Sep 29 at 9:42
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    This isn't the first time that tag has been brought up here. Please see: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/397713 meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/314872 – E_net4 flags comments Sep 29 at 9:49
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    Well i would be more than happy if a moderator could investiagte if its 1 or 2 groups of users or just a user that constantly does this If other users don't agree, would the question not be upvoted again? It is impossible for one user to maintain his judgment over content of others unless he's the only user or his peers agree with his judgement. – TheMaster Sep 29 at 9:59
  • The unity3d tag seems to be burdened by the fact that people try to use unity3d without properly learning C# first, there are quite some low quality questions in there that scream "you're running before you've learned how to walk". Game development and over-enthusiasm go hand in hand, in my experience. It is within the expectations that such a tag sees quite some zero voted and downvoted questions. – Gimby Oct 2 at 13:03
  • You only seem to have 2 questions with this particular tag. They appear to be well received. – Security Hound Oct 3 at 23:31
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    While this specific question has been closed, I think there is larger constructive discussion about how to better describe Unity based MCVEs, especially with its focus on in-editor information (code is sometimes not enough to debug). I thought I saw something on this a couple of years back. Ill try to find it. If not Ill make a new question. – code11 Oct 7 at 16:20

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