I'm going out on a limb here, but my impression based on the code I see that actually run Stack Overflow is that the developers at Stack Overflow are not really "JavaScript people" or even "Web People". By which I mean I'm only guessing they prefer languages and environments other than JavaScript.

I say that because if they were JavaScript developers they'd notice problems with Stack Overflow related to JavaScript support and fix them.

JavaScript, according to the 2020 Stack Overflow survey, is the number one most used language. Even without a survey

  • JavaScript 2.1 million questions
  • Python 1.5 million questions
  • Java 1.7 million questions
  • C# 1.4 million questions

Two examples of what I'm talking about

  1. snippets

    Snippets were added six years ago and yet every week I have to tell several JavaScript questioners about them because they posted their code on JSFiddle/CodePen/GitHub or even posted no code. Often, when I tell them about snippets they say they never even knew they existed.

    I get that if you're asking a question about any other language then snippets currently have zero meaning for you (though arguably that should change too). But, for JavaScript questions they are indispensable for helping provide an minimal reproducible example helping to make the question on topic, helping the questioner to get their answer faster and be happy instead of getting a nice reprimand and close vote for not posting enough code or just posting a link.

    Is there some way Stack Overflow can push this feature to users if they tag with JavaScript? It's no fun, as an answerer, to have to manually tell nearly every new user about this feature. The site should be telling them, shouldn't it? Why even have the feature if it's effectively hidden?

  2. ES6 modules

    ES6 modules have been shipping in browsers for a couple of years now and lots of libraries have switched to using them, but the snippet system doesn't support them. There are workarounds but you can't expect an inexperienced programmer to know about them.

    Anyone working with modern JavaScript would notice this nearly immediately assuming they got past issue #1 and learned the snippet feature exists. They'd find out their modified example they got from some tutorial doesn't run because it uses import and the snippet system doesn't mark the snippets as modules.

    Other snippet like services like JSFiddle or CodePen handle this automatically and gracefully. They "just work" some how figuring out if the type="module" tag is needed for user's code.

    This missing support, as well stumbles up new users making their experience less than delightful and making busy work for us answerers.

I get it; if you add up all the other languages their population is greater than the population of JavaScript developers, so I guess this is mostly just a plea to prioritize my particular needs. 😇 I mostly answer JavaScript questions and I answer questions about a fairly popular JavaScript library that converted to ES6 modules over a year or so ago and is set to stop supporting <script> based versions at the end of this year. All their sample code uses ES6 modules and it's a library popular with people learning to code, so those user's assuming they find the snippets, will likely end up frustrated if they try to use it. So, it really would be nice (for me) if the site both pushed JavaScript questioners to use a snippet if appropriate and started supporting ES6 modules.

Thank you for reading my plea.

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    I'm not sure what the message of this is supposed to be. Is it "snippets and ES6 are important and should be promoted ASAP", or is it "JS deserves more effort than other languages"? It might be worth dropping one of the two to avoid getting unrelated flak. – MisterMiyagi Sep 25 at 8:50
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    It wasn't that long ago you requested module support, and there's an outstanding request to Promote Stack Overflow HTML, JS, CSS Stack Snippets. T.J. Crowder made a plea in Please Fix Stack Snippets last month. I think SO knows the current state of Stack Snippets is bad. I doubt more feature requests for the same feature will help. – Heretic Monkey Sep 25 at 12:16
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    Number 1 isn't a website issue, it's a culture / user issue. Number 2 is a duplicate... – Cerbrus Sep 25 at 12:21
  • When many users don't know about stack snippet and those are outdated anyway, then why keep them? – Tom Sep 25 at 12:43
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    @Tom What do you mean by "those are outdated anyway"? We can't remove StackSnippets because many users still use those. And editing the millions (am I overestimating how many people do use them?) of questions that use them would be hard. And StackSnippets are a way to run code snippets. They make HTML, CSS, and JS questions easier to debug. Although users do use them to hold things like Python code, Javascript code that can't run without some additional code, etc. – GalaxyCat105 Sep 25 at 13:41
  • @GalaxyCat105 I meant the functionalities of the Stack Snippet which miss some now common language features/modules. That "those are outdated anyway" is quite unclear, yes. The snippets can be used to help debugging, yes, but other sites, like the mentioned jsfiddle can do that too and since it doesn't look SE is committed to keep the snippet tech up-to-date, I wouldn't suggest to rely on them and use other sites for that, like jsfiddle or codepen. – Tom Sep 25 at 13:48
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    @Tom I agree with you, but instead of just a link to JSFiddle, Codepen, etc., the code should also be posted inside the post itself using either code snippets or StackSnippets. – GalaxyCat105 Sep 25 at 13:50
  • @GalaxyCat105 That's correct and as far as I remember you get a notification about adding the code to the question, when you post a jsfiddle link without any code in the post. So that case should be covered already. – Tom Sep 25 at 13:56

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