I have a question in which there was a problem solving another problem. It already has three downvotes. Now I have found an easier and simpler solution to the base problem from another Stack Overflow question. I thought about just deleting it, but I'm banned from asking right now. I don't think that question can be improved. What should I do to that question so that it does not resist me from being free from my question ban?

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    Flag it as a duplicate if you can. – Paulie_D Sep 23 at 12:36
  • @Paulie_D I can do that, I can even raise close vote on my question, but would that help me to get out of my ban? – Akib Azmain Sep 23 at 12:39
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    No, it won't. It won't hurt either. The only thing that can help you out of the ban is improving existing questions so they receive upvotes, or post good questions in the future so they are well received. – yivi Sep 23 at 12:42

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