I haven't found an option to make my whole Stack Overflow profile private. There's only the option to hide certain other Stack Exchange communities.

Does such an option exist where I can set my profile to private that other users are not able to see my activities?

If yes, where I can find it?

If no, why? And are there other privacy options than "hidden communities"?

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    No, it isn't possible. – Zoe Sep 17 at 13:11
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    Why do you want to make the profile private? – Andrew T. Sep 17 at 13:15
  • @AndrewT. I don't want others to see what I am doing. I simply want to use this website for Q&A. – user11909 Sep 17 at 13:20
  • We can't have a nice thing because of abusive users. Even if such a feature existed, mods would always know what you (and everyone) are doing... – Andrew T. Sep 17 at 13:22
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    Then my question was not clear. I want other users to see my activities. – user11909 Sep 17 at 13:24
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    That's still problematic because this site is mainly moderated by the community since there are only a handful of mods. Identifying spam, abuses, questionable edits/reviews/etc. will be more difficult for the community. – Andrew T. Sep 17 at 13:28
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    The site operates under a "default public" perspective. Most things are publicly viewable. Only (regular) votes are completely anonymous. I understand your point of view, but there is simply not such thing as a "private profile" on the network. – yivi Sep 17 at 13:33
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    Also, in case you aren't in the loop regarding voting on Meta, it works a little differently here. Votes don't affect you, and downvotes are used more loosely since they don't affect reputation. – zcoop98 Sep 17 at 14:59
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    "I don't want others to see what I am doing. I simply want to use this website for Q&A." - Then why have a profile at all? – Paulie_D Sep 17 at 15:18
  • @Paulie_D: no. It is still possible to see questions and answers, and for higher rep users, a breakdown of virtually all user actions except for (thankfully!) voting itself. That said: if the OP does not want to be publically 'seen' posting dumb questions and/or bad answers (and for high-rep users, the usual "too snarky comments") then all OP can do is to be as anonymous as possible. A non-descript user name is a good start. – usr2564301 Sep 17 at 15:40
  • @Paulie_D Stack Overflow (and some other SE sites) disallow non-registered users to ask a question. They have to register first to be possible to ask a question, though answering is still possible as a guest... – Andrew T. Sep 17 at 16:50

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