For Azure Sphere service, currently the tag is used in Stack Overflow. To make best practice for tag alignment across all channels including Q&A and Stack Overflow and also meet the Microsoft standards to keep all tags under same umbrella with the azure- prefix, my suggestion is to rename the tag to azure-sphere.

For example in SO Azure IoT Hub uses and Azure IoT Edge uses tags.

Microsoft Q&A follows the same standards as the following above link for Azure Sphere :


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Yes, You are right. It should be renamed from to azure-sphere.

The list of all tags with the azure prefix:

Note:- Please Check these answers

(1) Rename [windows-azure-] to just [azure-]

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    In discussions for retag I expect to see answers what are either report about completing job (e.g. here) or are against the proposal. Is the answer what just say "yes, I agree" useful? – Sinatr Sep 17 at 14:18
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    BTW - I suspect the downvotes are because the answer doesn't add anything that an upvote to the question wouldn't. Otherwise everybody who sees the question and agrees with it would post an answer and the question would be swamped with answers. – Wai Ha Lee Sep 17 at 19:48
  • who are the down voters , which down vote my answer, what is the problem in that answer if i am agree with that Question so single answer is acceptable & what down voters are getting by down vote? – KUMAR Sep 18 at 5:05

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