Just wondering if questions requesting help with Fake Viruses are considered acceptable?

If the answer is no, what would the correct course of action be if someone asks a question that involves the creation of help with code used for a Fake / Joke virus?

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  • @RyanM that's kind of the point is a "Fake" virus malicious? I think so, but trying to gage the communities opinion. – Lankymart Sep 10 at 8:31
  • It's irrelevant if it's malicious or not. – yivi Sep 10 at 8:32
  • What constitutes a "Fake Virus" for you? I've often enough seen code that would by itself not be harmful, but the question implied the real code contained the other bits. – MisterMiyagi Sep 10 at 8:33
  • An example would be a fake virus that simulates Petya, but doesn't harm the computer it's meant to be a joke. That to me still seems malicious. – Lankymart Sep 10 at 8:35
  • I did make a point of searching but didn't find anything, this duplicate does appear to answer my question. Might be worth leaving as it mentions "Fake Virus" specifically, which when I searched I found nothing. – Lankymart Sep 10 at 8:36
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    simply downvote it, it is as far as i know not offtopic, and so your only way is to "dislike it" – nbk Sep 10 at 15:06

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