Today I read a StackOverflow blog post on mobile: If everyone hates it, why is OOP still so widely spread?. After reading the article, I scroll down and read comments there.

The problem is when I scroll up/down using my finger, if the start position of the scroll action is over the Reply button, it bring the comment box without scrolling. As I have no intentaion to reply at all, this behavior make the reading quite disruptive.

If the scroll action start anywhere in the yellow box below, reply box will appear:

Scroll start here

I think the default action should be the same with anchor link: If you touch a link and release, it navigate to new page. If you touch a link, hold and move your finger up/down, the page should not navigate to new page, but scroll up/down follow suit instead.

Model: Samsung A8 Star
OS: Android 10
Browser: Chrome 85



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