I'm really interested in getting answer(s) to this question (What editors are able to correcly display an empty file, i.e. a file with not even one line?) that has been closed.

Any ideas how I can rephrase it to make it open again and discourage others to close it again?

Should it maybe be a community wiki?

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You can't change that question into one that would be re-opened. You are asking us to find software for you. This is explicitly one of the reasons that makes a question off-topic for Stack Overflow. It should not be a community Wiki either. It might be a valid question in another Stack Exchange site and might be of interest to their community, but not for Stack Overflow.

As noted in the comments read this information.

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  • Do you have any suggestion on a community which might me more appropriate for such a question? – Enrico Sep 9 at 9:37
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    Software Recommendations Stack Exchange would be the only community where a question requesting a software recommendation, would be within scope. However, the question must meet the minimum requirements of that community, questions seeking a broad software recommendation would still be out of scope. – Security Hound Sep 9 at 10:20

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