From the source how-to-ask, we have an explanation:

Include just enough code to allow others to reproduce the problem. For help with this, read How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example.

Since there are many new users who follow the doc to create a good question (as possible). But sometimes, we catch some questions which have a bad format about spacing. Like this:


They just try to copy and paste a minimal, complete, and verifiable example to ask. But when the code is pasted to the editor, they've got stuck with the formating. They cannot use tab and shift+tab keys inside the editor for quick format (like the way almost the PC editors can do).

Imagine if what-i-want-to-ask is nested inside 10 or 20 tags, it would take a lot of time in order to re-format.

Should we support to use tab key inside the editor for formating in the future?

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    The Stack Snippet editor supports Tab and Shift+Tab. – user4642212 Sep 6 at 14:53

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