I saw this question (now deleted) where the person asking was having a problem with their code only outputing 2 arrays instead of 9, but their code is working fine. Both the code and OP's actual output are provided as text in the question.

I commented on the question to ask the OP to add a screenshot of their output, and an other user immediately told be to "absolutely do not ask for screenshots".

My point is that a screenshot should be allowed for cases like this one since the code is fine, and OP's displayed output is missing some lines.

Am I in the wrong by asking for a screenshot in this case ?

I do not agree with my question being marked as duplicate of those linked. I wanted OP to add a screenshot (and not replace the text version) of their console output since the problem could not be from their code

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    Can you explain what the screenshot would show that the text wouldn't? – BSMP Sep 5 at 23:44
  • @BSMP I think that the issue this person was having could be related to a visual element, for example a problem with their window viewport, or simply them not scrolling. – Seblor Sep 5 at 23:46
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    A screenshot, in addition to the actual text already there, in order to show an issue like that should be fine. The OP should still add alt text describing the issue shown in the image. If you suggested replacing the text with the screenshot then I understand them telling you not to do that. – BSMP Sep 5 at 23:49
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    @BSMP I never asked OP to replace, only to add the visual render of the output to their question along with the text version. My comment was "can you edit your question to include a screenshot of your console output ?" – Seblor Sep 5 at 23:51
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    I think you comment just needed to include that explanation that you think the issue is with the console window. – BSMP Sep 6 at 0:06
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    "I do not agree with my question being marked as duplicate of those linked." But the second one agrees with your argument, and was also asking about adding an image in addition to text... – Heretic Monkey Sep 6 at 0:40
  • @Seblor Screenshots are only useful when showing visual output. Textual output is always more useful, and for someone who's on mobile, an image would eat up more data. If you asked them to replace the text with an image, then that's bad. – 10 Rep Sep 6 at 2:41
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    Very nearly only time you want an image in a question is when the question is about the image. Every other time they make the question harder to search (for now at any rate) and exclude the visually impaired and those sitting behind firewalls. – user4581301 Sep 6 at 6:21
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    images should emphasis the problem, like rendered results ot an eer diagram – nbk Sep 6 at 10:22

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