Few days ago I posted Make [glossary] a synonym of [terminology]. So far the score is 2 (+8 / -6), there is only one answer and some comments that lead me to the conclusion that there is no concensus yet, it might take a long time to get it or might never be achieved...

In the meatime, what about disambiguate ? What could be the proper usage of this tag according to the SO scope?

The current tag excerpt is

list of terms and definitions used in a larger document

There are 95 questions having

The frequent tab for this tag returns 30 questions, none of these questions are about glossaries instead they are about the meaning of certain terms, i.e.,

Top users

Top answerers have 1-2 answers.

Last 30 days

In the last 30 days there was 0 anwswers and 0 questions.

Here are some highlight from some tags

  • python-sphinx × 12
  • restructuredtext × 10
  • language-agnostic × 8
    • This tag has >8k questions
    • There are 7 open questions all of them ask for a term definition
  • terminology × 3
    • This tag has >2k questions
    • On these 3 questions having both tags looks that is redudant as the questions are askig for the meaning of a term (and that term is not "glossary")
  • definition × 3
    • This tag has >1K questions
    • One question is closed
    • The other 2 questions doesn't look to be properly tagged.
  • glossaries × 3
    • This tag has 17 questions
    • There 11 questions having and
    • This might tag might look as the plural of , but it hasn't a tag excerpt/wiki and the use with LaTex apparently is to refer to the Glossaries LaTex package.

Other related tags that I not reviewed yet.


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