I have recently posted a question asking how to implement a technical detail in JavaScript. The question was closed with the reason that Stack Overflow does not allow questions for recommendations of books, software tools, or libraries. I did not ask about books, software tools, or libraries. Following the recommendation found here, I decided to ask in the Meta what the reason is. What is the reason this question got closed?

The question can be found here.

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    Dunno why it got closed, but saying it was just for some "BS reason" when you don't know the closers' reasoning isn't exactly helpful – Nick Aug 31 at 23:29
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    My best guess is they misread it and thought you were asking for an existing script. I can't think of any other possible interpretation where you could see this as a recommendation question. – John Montgomery Aug 31 at 23:37
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    @JohnMontgomery thanks. In that case, how can I report mod abuse? – cheater Sep 1 at 0:05
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    There is no mod abuse involved here. Your question doesn't exhibit any research effort or attempts to solve your own issue. It honestly reads as if you came here before doing either. Basic research and attempts are after all expected here as outlined in How much research effort is expected of Stack Overflow users? – charlietfl Sep 1 at 0:18
  • @charlietfl I've spent half an hour on google, an adequate amount of time. Tell me how you would have researched this - what books, what google searches, what blogs to read? Even then, the question should have been closed for not enough research. it has however been closed as a question for recommendation of a tool, which wasn't the case. It was closed because the mod in question didn't care to read the whole question. Closing a question without even reading it is mod abuse. – cheater Sep 1 at 0:28
  • @charlietfl this is a question where own research didn't yield much because it is an original problem. If you google for "find out age of a page javascript" or "find out when a page was downloaded javascript" or any such query, no relevant results show up. The JS books that I've read didn't touch on this. – cheater Sep 1 at 0:29
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    I don't think you even understand the close process. It takes 3 users to close a question and they are not mods per se, they are regular users. What probably happened was one person chose that reason to close it and another might have used another reason and third person recognized it was a very low quality question and selected the first reason that someone else chose – charlietfl Sep 1 at 0:31
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    Regardless, there's no abuse to report here. If you think your question was closed incorrectly, you can ask about it on meta, which you already did. – John Montgomery Sep 1 at 0:32
  • @charlietfl thanks, I appreciate this comment. I was unaware of this mechanism and this changes how I view what happened. It would be helpful if this were immediately visible to users who aren't aware of the mechanism. For example, "this question has been closed because of a vote of non-moderator users". It is a normal assumption to make that if a piece of content has been removed or somehow otherwise disabled then that this has been done by a moderator, since that's how most websites work. SO is different, I get it, but it would help users like me who don't use it that often. – cheater Sep 1 at 3:34
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    If you've done research and but haven't mentioned it in your question, then your question looks exactly like any other question with no research and you should not be surprised that it gets closed. – JK. Sep 1 at 3:55
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    @cheater FYI: Speaking as a professionell software developer, half an hour on Google is not a lot of time spent on research. You should be prepared to spend more time, and more important: share your research in your question. Show what you tried, what you did expect to happen and what failed. – Modus Tollens Sep 1 at 8:06
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    For what it's worth... I'm on your side. This is a perfectly fine "how can I" question, it does not need more focus, is perfectly factually answerable and the answer to which will be valuable to others. Alas, Stack Overflow is not ready yet for it. – Gimby Sep 1 at 8:43
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    Yeah... piggy backing off of some of what others have mentioned, the phrasing of your question (quote: "I would like to create a user script") reads a bit like "I want to accomplish this thing, but don't know where to start" questions, which get asked and promptly closed for the no-recommendation reason a lot. Sorry the system failed you this time around... – zcoop98 Sep 1 at 15:02

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