This edit https://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/27041040 deletes a link to a SO question from an answer because the linked question has been deleted in the meanwhile.

Is it more useful to delete the link as proposed in the edit to keep the answer "clean"? Or should the answer better not be touched (maybe the question gets undeleted in the future again)?

Would the system not be able to handle such dead internal links better?


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The link is effectively dead. That 10k users can see these posts is not relevant. 10k have this privilege for curation purposes, not because we have a two tier repository with some links visible for high-rep users and not for the rest.

In the same way that if a link was protected with a password or something like that. If the linked content is not viewable by a random user, it should be considered dead. If the link can't be replaced by a better one or a cached copy, it should be removed.

The user who suggested the edit had less than 10k, so from their perspective the link was dead. They may not be even aware that the "see-deleted-content" privilege exists. In my opinion, the edit was legit and correctly approved.

Links should be used for support purposes only anyway. If an answer depends on a link to be a of any use, it should be flagged for deletion instead of edited.


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