I applied for a job that is still showing on the Jobs ad list, which is really annoying and confusing at the same time. What I suggest is one of the following:

  • if a user applied for a job it should not appear anymore as a job ad
  • if a user applied for a job it will be shown in ad list but it will marked in a way it will be differentiate from other jobs

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I can't envision a circumstance where an advertisement would be able to retrieve account state to give you a slightly better experience when looking/clicking on it.

At a minimum I would say that the ad should take you to the application page and there indicate that you've applied for it already. If the ad had more information than it absolutely needed to present jobs to you, then that could be seen as problematic from a personal security perspective; if I had these ads enabled, I'd question why it knows what things I've applied to given that I'm not on the Jobs site.

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