I propose to move into .


  • 83 questions in total
  • all questions are related with SwiftUI
  • most of them has already tag (even if there's no tag, they're still related - eg. this question)


I'm posting this here as there may not be enough active users who can vote on this tag.

  • 1
    Grrr... sorry, this wasn't the post, but the other one. meta.stackoverflow.com/q/400292/792066 BTW, if removing a prefix would make the tag ambiguous, better not to remove the prefix.
    – Braiam
    Aug 15, 2020 at 13:05

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I checked out the questions tagged and it looks like all of them were related to SwiftUI Navigation Link. In fact, out of the 83 questions in that tag, 80 questions had the tag on them. This leads to the question whether having the prefix "swiftui-" on the tag is required or not. As Shog once said, it is better to have unprefixed tags whenever possible.

Anyway in this case, I approved as a synonym for , as the latter tag had a better wiki as well as a larger number of questions.

(× 83) → (× 213)

I'll merge the tags after a few days. For now, enjoy your Synonymizer badge!


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