The tags field on a question says, add up to five tags to describe what your question is about.

Asking for 'up to five tags' with a multi-lingual user base is resulting in new users entering extra tags because they think they must enter five tags, because the meaning of 'up to' may not apparent to users whose native language is not English.

This is I believe acting as an obstacle for users - they think:

This is a C# question just about C#, but I have to find 5 tags? Um, ok, visual-studio, .net.. what else can I pick? Oh, I give up. I'll ask elsewhere."

The 5 tag limitation should in my opinion just be a validation error - "You can only enter five tags per question". I imagine a very small percentage of users would add more than five tags for a question, so I don't see this as being a usability issue. I also don't see tag spam as contributing to the overall quality of the site, or making a given question more likely to get a good answer.

Examples of questions where I think the poster is including tags just to make up the five:

Question tagged with C#, Windows, Visual Studio, WinForms, and Windows Forms Designer.

Question tagged with C#, inheritance, polymorphism, automapper, and automapper 9.

Question tagged with c#, file, datetime, parsing, and read-write

Question tagged with c#, list, object, integer, and type-inference

Question tagged with c#, automated-tests, asp.net-core-mvc, dotnet-httpclient, and .net-3.0

Question tagged with c#, asp.net, linq, lambda, and entity-framework-core

Question tagged with c#, .net, arduino, serial-port, and usb

One question tagged with c#, .net-core, discord, discord.net, and netcoreapp3.0, and another question tagged with c# ,.net, apple-push-notifications, dotnet-httpclient, and http2

another example

another example

another example


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The tags like and are what are known as dependent tags. But they are not meta tags (which are a specific subset of dependent tags). They cannot be used alone, but they don't describe the type of the question or the skill level of the author rather than the content of the question.

These tags are useful as a LEGO tag or a brick builder tag. It should not be removed because,

Currently has around 30k watchers and has 4k watchers.

The How to tag tooltip also says

How to tag Tags help the right people find and answer your question.

Include tags that are crucial to your question only, like c#

I believe that should be enough.

  • Note: Question's original revision included arrays specifically: Realistically, we all here know tags like 'string' or 'array' or 'double' can't be followed by many people - why would they be, as 'array' could be C# or Rust or Lua arrays? () - and I see a lot of people including effectively extraneous tags just to make up the five*
    – TheMaster
    Jul 9, 2022 at 14:15

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