I started using Stack Exchange not long ago.

Does banning from answers in one Stack Exchange community affect all the other Stack Exchange communities?

  • It's my fault I didn't read what is post-ban about. So I was thinking it's about posting new questions and I see that there is a question-ban tag but there is no answer-ban tag so I used the banning tag Commented Aug 6, 2020 at 22:57

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No, it does not. Reputation, flag, review and quality bans are per site.

So if you're quality banned on Stack Overflow you might still be able to post on other sites with different topics: Your cooking concerns can go on Seasoned Advice, your dual boot concerns Super User, to name a few. Your practical programming concerns need to stay at bay.

Don't make it a habit to hit the bans on all sites you participate in. The bans are there to prevent that content with a similar or lower quality level enter the system. Ignoring the warnings from the system that posts need to be improved can lead to account suspension and if there is nothing worth keeping, even account deletion is an option.


No, it does not. Not unless you've done something really egregious. There has been a case of a sitewide suspension.


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