Let's say we found a question that needs improvement.

Clicking in Flag will open the following screen

Flag modal

Then, clicking in "needs improvement", we're redirected to the following screen


Even though the button in the bottom now says "Vote to close", which is different from the one in a Flag modal that says "Flag question", there's an hyperlink on top saying "Flagging". This induces the thought we're within a child modal of a parent one called Flagging and that this would work like a normal flag (increasing flag count). Thing is, that's not the case when we have close vote privileges.

A quick fix to this would be to make clearer in the description of "needs improvement" that by using that flagging option in the questions, it won't count as flag but as a close vote if we have close vote privileges.

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    It does count as a flag when you don't have close-vote privileges. The interface is designed to stay exactly the same, even after you gain close-vote privileges. The flags just get converted into votes. – Cody Gray Jul 31 at 9:47
  • Thank you @CodyGray, fixed it. – Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁 Jul 31 at 9:49
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    What would be gained by making the change? What problem is this causing? How is this broken? – yivi Jul 31 at 11:11
  • @yivi it's more precise. The problem caused is that one might think it's contributing to flag counts while that's not true for all cases. Instead, that flag can count only as close vote instead. – Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁 Jul 31 at 11:21
  • That doesn't really answer my questions though. – yivi Jul 31 at 11:23
  • How come it doesn't @yivi? – Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁 Jul 31 at 11:37
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    Why does it matter whether it contributes to flag counts or close-vote counts? Don't flag stuff because of some arbitrary number. Flag it because it needs to be flagged. In other words, you should not change how you handle a post because of the type of flag that it's going to raise. – Cody Gray Jul 31 at 11:47
  • @CodyGray why don't you put all flag counts in votes then? Because flag counts are different than vote counts. – Tiago Martins Peres 李大仁 Jul 31 at 11:48
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    The system makes a distinction for various reasons. Why does the user need to make a distinction? – Cody Gray Jul 31 at 11:49

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