Say someone makes a bad review in the suggested edits review queue. Why is it that they get banned from all the review queues?

The reason given is that,

We suspect you are not paying enough attention to each review

However, sometimes they just don't know how to review. For instance, the "Requires editing" button may be used wrongly, and they might have spent 2 minutes on that review.

A bad solution would be to have a moderator review each suspension.

Any thoughts?

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    You mean: Have a moderator review the suspension and write a custom statement why it is warranted? Sounds like a lot of work targeted at people who fail to read the guidelines before doing reviews. – BDL Jul 30 at 16:01
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    @BDL Here's the thing. In some cases(such as my friends case), they were spending 2 minutes on each review. However, they didn't know what the "Requires editing" button meant, so they got banned after failing 3 or 4 audits. But he read the FAQ for reviewing late posts, and he can't review anymore because he failed Triage. Do you get what I am saying? – 10 Rep Jul 30 at 16:06
  • @BDL I know it's a bad solution, but that's where the discussion comes in. – 10 Rep Jul 30 at 16:06
  • Clarification: You are looking at the new automated review suspension message that was recently implemented less than a week ago. – Samuel Liew Jul 30 at 16:06
  • @SamuelLiew Well, partly. When you make a mistake in Triage, you get banned from all review queus, such as Late Posts, Suggested edits, etc. – 10 Rep Jul 30 at 16:07
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    We are giving people the benefit of the doubt. Instead of saying, "you have no idea what you're doing", we are saying, "you should take more time/care". It's a common strategy used in the western world as a way to be nice and assume good faith. Since a machine is generating these, it simply doesn't make sense to try and reason about what the root cause was for the mistake anyway. – Cody Gray Jul 30 at 16:14
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    @CodyGray Well, you definitely have a point. But I feel to be nice, we shouldn't ban them from every review queue if they made a small mistake in one queue. In any case, it's pretty much impossible to find the root cause of a ban. – 10 Rep Jul 30 at 17:42
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    What do you mean it's impossible to find the root cause of a ban? At least one of the reasons you were banned is linked directly from the ban message. I see no reason to add additional complexity into the tooling to allow banning people from only a single type of review queue. – Cody Gray Jul 30 at 21:22
  • "However, sometimes they just don't know how to review" - that would be an excellent reason to put a temporary ban. If you don't know how to review, you should not be hitting buttons in review. Bans are not to punish people, they are to protect the site from misuse. – Gimby Jul 31 at 8:47

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