I don't understand why Stack won't expand the editor more. I know we can grab the handle and expand the height of this editor but it's painful...because the default is so short I find myself doing it every time I edit a post.

Why not double the default height so that at least we can type half the time without the need to always expand it?

enter image description here

  • See userscript in answer on the linked question for a solution Jul 27, 2020 at 22:11
  • All I'm asking is to make the default hight double, which for any resolution would work just fine. The hight on this default is ridiculous and I have to expand it every damn time no matter what post I'm making. Doubling it would at least make it enough room so I wouldn't have to always expand it every time. I might want to expand it but my urge to do so would go down greatly just by defaulting this to a more normal height. This is a SIMPLE usability tweak that I can't believe stack has ignored. Aug 14, 2020 at 21:31


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