What should we do about outdated answers on highly upvoted topics?

Example: How can I test Apple Push Notification Service without an iPhone?

The accepted answer, with 70+ upvotes is out of date as of 2020 (it wasn't possible in 2013, it is now). Luckily it seems the author is still active on SO and might update the answer, but would it be appropriate for anyone else to completely rewrite their answer to reflect reality today?

Or is the case of 5+ other people writing the same repeating answer that is now true in 2020?

This is a big issue, specially for any topic related to Apples platform, as many (if not all) iOS answers from 2013-2018 is more or less wrong/outdated by now.

Downvoting won't make much of a difference, new (non-accepted) answers won't be at the top, meaning people are likely to be mislead, and I think it's unlikely OP will come back after seven years to accept a different answer.

Furthermore, whenever someone new asks a question about this, their question gets closed as a duplicate with a reference to the old (now incorrect) answer. This isn't particular helpful either.

So what's the best approach here, and is rewriting an accepted answer acceptable to do? (As to me it feels a little out of scope for compared to regular editing)

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    Add a banner at the top of the answer saying the answer is outdated, explaining why you should not use it anymore and pointing to an up-to-date answer. Then downvote and move on. – Dharman Jul 24 at 13:36
  • See also How to deal with obsolete answers?. – Trilarion Jul 24 at 13:41
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    So it was a problem 10 years ago, 5 years ago, and is still a problem today. I guess we never did find a solution to the problem :/ – Claus Jørgensen Jul 24 at 13:45
  • Not a proper one at least, however these duplicates suggest how to deal with outdated information the best we can. Until SE adds something that would allow us to flag it properly we have to rely on custom outdated banners in the posts – Dharman Jul 24 at 13:49
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    A default sort order that doesn't put accepted answers on top would go a long way towards the solution. And ordering answers by default by trending votes (votes with less weight the older they are) would also help. Editing the answer is also a good thing. A perfect solution is surely missing, but it's not like we would not have ideas how to kind of fix it. – Trilarion Jul 24 at 14:19
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    One of the problems of "outdated" answers is that is not always true even if it appears that way. For example if you are talking about an outdated version, but still used, of a programming language the answer could very well still apply to the version it was asked about even if it is no longer true for a current version. And if it is still true for the version it is asked about it is not outdated and can still be useful for projects that are still using that version of the language and are unable to update. It seems often people consider this outdated and the users should upgrade. – Joe W Jul 24 at 14:38
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    @Dharman Please, don't instruct down voting answers just because they are outdated. Note that answer is no longer valid will suffice. There is a lot of outdated technology out there that is still in use and people are finding useful answers if they need. Just because those answers are no longer valid for new technology or are outdated in some other way is no reason for down vote. If the answer is poor regardless of being outdated, then down vote. – Dalija Prasnikar Jul 25 at 7:00
  • @DalijaPrasnikar I think a answer such as "it's not possible" being outdated, with the new answer being "it's now possible" is valid to downvote. – Claus Jørgensen Jul 25 at 11:41
  • @ClausJørgensen I am talking in general. Also, "not possible" still represents correct answer for anyone using obsolete technology (again talking in general. not in context of this particular answer) – Dalija Prasnikar Jul 25 at 11:51

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