I got this message from the moderators:

Moderator's Message

And when I wanted to suggest another edit, I got this message:

Ban Message

And when I clicked the "your edit history", I went here:

Edit History

But how long am I banned to suggest edits?

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    interesting. When I was banned from editing it was easy to discover for how long. But that was about 10 years ago and I can't remember where exactly I found that info, wonder if things have changed since (as a side note, your browser indicates that it needs to be updated) – gnat Jul 23 at 23:40
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    This answer suggests 7 days but it's talking about automatic bans rather than moderator imposed bans. – Robert Longson Jul 24 at 0:12
  • According to this, there is no way to know without asking a moderator. Which...really seems like a problem worth fixing: people should be able to know how long they're suspended. – Ryan M Jul 24 at 0:20
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    That said, there's a very good chance it's 7 days, because I think moderators tend to pick the default unless there's a good reason not to, and I don't really see one here. But that's pure speculation. – Ryan M Jul 24 at 0:23

It's 7 days. I'm not sure why the interface doesn't tell you that.

I'm going to ping a dev to see if they overlooked something. The new review suspension notices went live today so that might have something to do with it.

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    already pinged – gnat Jul 24 at 0:41
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    The review suspensions are separated from the suggested edits ban ;) This question may become the basis for a FR. – Braiam Jul 24 at 0:44
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    Yeah, talked with some other mods and apparently there's no native notice for it, and there never has been. That particular mod communication is wholly a free form entry – Machavity Jul 24 at 1:30