The history of suggests that it has been created at 2020-05-01 15:09:55Z. This cannot be for there is a post with this tag last modified 2013. So there must be some more history which was apparently lost.

(Actually, I intended to edit the tag, and as a first step wanted to skim its history since I somewhat remember that I did that already some years ago...)

What is happening here?

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    There is a bug in here, but you're missing the right one. The created field on the tag info page says it was made 6 years 7 months ago, but when hovered, it says the same date you said. I suspect there's an issue with old tags running on some legacy system that made the tag wiki itself not be created by community as other tags do. It was created before the tag wiki was, but there's probably a legacy system that hasn't been fully updated – Zoe Jul 20 at 13:58

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