After the amazing success of the 5-to-3 close votes change, Stack Overflow needs to implement more ways to help reduce the queue. Currently, the close queue has ~5000 pending reviews.

Quite often the question needs to be closed, but there are not enough SME available to judge if the question needs details or focus. We should not force gold-badge holders to use dupe hammer to close low-quality questions as duplicates when there are not enough people to close the question quickly.

One of the very frequently asked for changes is to give gold-badge holders more power. I suggest we extend the dupe hammer to cover all reasons. Someone who is knowledgable enough to judge if a question already has an answer on the site can also judge if the question is too broad, unclear or off-topic.

My proposal should help with the proper closing of questions, as well as to in reducing the number of pending reviews in the close review queue. Do we any objections or counter-proposals?

P.S. We could also give silver-badge holders a power of two close votes for the price of one while we are at it.

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    No, that's just an acute abuse of the dupe hammer. One shouldn't be hammering questions shut just because they're being flooded with low-quality answers. – Makoto Jul 6 at 20:15
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    Close dupe (not quite which is also why I'm not hammering it shut): meta.stackoverflow.com/q/270829/1079354 – Makoto Jul 6 at 20:16
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    @Makoto That's not what I meant. Low-quality question often attract low-quality answers. – Dharman Jul 6 at 20:16
  • ...and the dupe hammer isn't meant to be used for those situations, which is what I read in your second paragraph. If that's not what you intended, please do edit your question to make that more clear. – Makoto Jul 6 at 20:17
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    you can also nominate yourself for the 2020 moderator election and get elected: problem solved – Jean-François Fabre Jul 6 at 20:25
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    the problem is not closing the question faster but rather delete them later. We can let people answer and interact with such question BUT we need to make sure they are deleted later which is not happening even with very low quality questions. We need a delete vote queue! – Temani Afif Jul 6 at 20:38
  • @TemaniAfif Where can I find the feature request for it? I would like to upvote it. – Dharman Jul 6 at 20:39
  • someone need to request it, I don't think there is already a question about ... I suggest this at different places (like here for example: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/394607/8620333) and I will keep doing .. – Temani Afif Jul 6 at 20:43

Give gold-badge holders the ability to close questions for all close reasons with a single vote

What about those who've earned the yearling badge? It's gold, but all we need to do to earn it is create an account and leave it there!

Putting that aside, it's still a bad idea. Users with gold badges don't necessarily mean they'd make the right choices every time. People make mistakes. With the current system, it would take three users to make a mistake on one specific question to make the mistake happen, which is pretty safe.

So giving them that power would make our site less stable.
The 3 close votes needed to close the question is there for a good reason.

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  • I meant gold tag-badge. The gold badge you earn for answering questions in the particular tag. – Dharman Jul 11 at 13:49
  • I agree that the 3 votes are useful, but with time people become experts in their area of expertise. They are often capable of deciding if the question is clear and on-topic. – Dharman Jul 11 at 13:50
  • SO will not be stable with so many users being able to dictate that. – Ann Zen Jul 11 at 13:51
  • There are currently only 9.7k people with such badges. They are mostly very active and they are trusted already with the dupe hammer – Dharman Jul 11 at 13:53
  • @Dharman Even presidents elected by thousands have the white-house to make decisions upon agreement. – Ann Zen Jul 11 at 13:53
  • The point you are raising in your answer is a very valid point, but I believe that we need to improve something when it comes to closing questions. A lot of questions never get closed, because there is not enough people to cast the remaining 2 votes. What do you suggest would be a good way to overcome this problem? – Dharman Jul 11 at 13:55
  • Sorry, I can't suggest a solution, at least not at the moment. But I know a bad idea when I see it. – Ann Zen Jul 11 at 13:59

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