On my public profile, on the questions tab, one of the questions appears to be from another unregistered user:

Question from other user

user13455372 is an unregistered user with no posts:

Unregistered user

Can someone help me to make sense of this?

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    it's the last activity, that user answer your question but the answer was deleted – Temani Afif Jul 5 '20 at 10:36
  • More specifically, it was nuked as spam (and correctly). It wasn't an answer (by site definitions; it was posted as an answer though), so you didn't miss out on much – Zoe Jul 5 '20 at 12:53

It's not the OP, but it's the user who made the last activity on that post.

In my case, the user answered my question but the answer was deleted.

Thanks to Temani Afif for answering in the comments

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