If a human resource manager looking for a developer finds my Developer Story, Can this person find out about my StackOverflow profile and see my questions and answers and reputation? I am concerned because I think there might be cases in which some companies would choose one developer instead of another based on this. Can you hide this information to them?

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    Isn't the whole point of SO Jobs to show off with your SO profile? Why is it a problem when companies use that to pre-screen candidates?
    – BDL
    Jul 4, 2020 at 6:59

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There are several methods that others can link your Developer Story to your Stack Overflow account:

1) By including Stack Overflow as a site you want to display

If you select Stack Overflow to be displayed on your profile like this,

enter image description here

there will be a clickable link to your profile in the developer story:

enter image description here

2) By enabling your developer story profile tab, and sharing the developer story tab instead of the custom developer story link

There are two developer story links:

  1. first with your profile tabs, e.g.: https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/584192
  2. a customisable story only link, e.g.: https://stackoverflow.com/story/samliew

If the first link is enabled, and you share this link, others can simply click on the "Profile" tab to get to your Stack Overflow profile:

enter image description here

In the "Developer Story preferences" settings page, you should hide your developer story tab, so that the first link is disabled to others:

enter image description here

On the same settings page, you then need to enable the custom developer story link if you still want to share your developer story with others:

enter image description here

3) By not disabling your developer story tab, and adding a company on your timeline with a link to their website.

If the first link is enabled, and you add a company link to your profile like this:

enter image description here

The resulting company stub page will display the first link (developer story with profile tab):

enter image description here

E.g.: If not private, links to https://stackoverflow.com/users/story/584192 (instead of https://stackoverflow.com/story/samliew) if you didn't set it to private. If your first link is private, it just shows "Private user".

enter image description here

4) By adding featured Stack Overflow posts that you have asked/answered in your developer story timeline

It's obvious that your posts link to your profile, so don't add them.

enter image description here

5) By having a unique profile image that can be Google image reverse-searched for, linking to your Stack Overflow (and other website) accounts.

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