I posted a question whose title assumes the behavior of a command. However, it was obvious this was not the case I stated (the command doesn't set a variable on exit, it sets a status code).

The body of the question, however, is more factual.

I'm thinking about future readers. Should I edit the title which could be misleading?

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  • change it, if it fits better. nobody will mind it – nbk yesterday
  • @nbk, it's done. Feedbacks welcome. – Amessihel yesterday
  • to be honest, because of a typo – nbk yesterday
  • you got the result -1 and tested against bigger than 1, that is a typo and so not reproducible – nbk yesterday
  • @nbk it was not a typo, you can read the answer and my comment below it to understand what happened. Afterwards I rephrased the title to not mislead future readers. – Amessihel yesterday
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    Looks like you've edited the title yourself already, so this appears to be resolved. – TylerH yesterday
  • Does this answer your question? Editing misguided questions vs changing their meaning – HaveNoDisplayName yesterday
  • @HaveNoDisplayName The subject is close but not the same: the question you linked is about a misuse of terms. My question was phrased like it assumes a behavior which wasn't. Due to an unexpected negative ErrorLevel, I closed my mind on thining the command touches a variable rather than setting a internal error level. Btw the answerer doesn't provide a real solution, it tells about the struggle about finding a "good" editing, IMHO. – Amessihel 8 hours ago

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