Find a random question you believe to be a duplicate. Find an original question that solves the problem and copy the link. Click "close", then "Duplicate". Modal opens. Paste link from clipboard. Press Enter.

Expectation: the Enter is interpreted as a click to "Vote to close".

Actual behavior: the modal stays open and refreshes its contents, (and sometimes you get an error)*:

You can't react to your own post

*: Yes, I'm suggesting an original question that I happen to have asked.

Related, but fixed: Add duplicate modal does not get focus and does not accept Enter

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  • @Scratte similar, but this involves explicitly giving focus to something within the dialog – Nick 2 days ago
  • @Nick If I recall correctly the bug in my link was first noticed the same way as posted here. It then turned out it was much more than that. – Scratte 2 days ago
  • @Scratte yeah it looks like a focus problem, the flag one also applies to my Chrome browser. I don't know the error message shown here though, how does one "react" to a post? Make a video about it? – CodeCaster 2 days ago
  • @CodeCaster I'm not sure what your "how does one "react" to a post?"-question means, but the "You can't react to your own post" looks like the same as when one tries to Thank-react to one own Answer. – Scratte 2 days ago

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